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2023 Conference Registration Form

Guest Registration

Note: Guest registration is for lodging and meals only. If you wish to attend conference sessions, please use the normal registration form.

NOTE: The red asterisks * indicate required fields.

General Information

NOTE: Please note as a Special Need if you need ground floor access or to be close to an elevator due to inability to climb stairs.

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You have 1000 characters remaining.
Other Options and Package Extras

Extra Lodging

Extra Night(s) or Single Day Lodging (per person, per day — indicate number per day). Please note: on-campus lodging is available only on the night(s) listed below. Check-in begins at 3 pm Monday. There will be a one-time linen package fee of $17.00.

NOTE: Attention Married Guest: If your spouse has registered as a conference attendee and you plan to room with them, please choose Double Occupancy for each night you plan to stay on campus and add your spouse's name for your roommate selection. Be sure to add any meals you plan to eat on-campus.

  Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy
6/5 - Mon
6/6 - Tue
6/7 - Wed
6/8 - Thu


Pillows are not included in the linen package. You can either bring a pillow or ACL can provide one for $3.00.

Extra Day Meals for Registrants
(please use separate registration form for each guest)

Note: All on-campus meals must be purchased in advance. Meal prices are listed below. Adult and children's meal prices are the same.

Note: Wednesday's dinner is the President's Banquet at the Young's Jersey Dairy event center.
Tuesday - Breakfast
Tuesday - Lunch
Tuesday - Dinner
Wednesday - Breakfast
Wednesday - Lunch
Wednesday - President's Banquet
Thursday - Breakfast
Thursday - Lunch
Thursday - Dinner
Friday - Breakfast
Other Notes
  • We have a separate discussion list just for conference attendees. You will be added to the list upon receipt of your payment.
  • All conference payments are due within 30 days of submitting this registration form or by May 5, 2023, which ever comes first.
Payment Information

PHOTO RELEASE: (My submission of this form indicates my agreement with the following): I understand and agree that while in attendance at the Conference, the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) may use the services of a photographer or videographer to take photographs or video recordings to be used in promotional or news stories about the Event or ACL and its activities. I understand and agree that such photographs or recordings may include my image or likeness, and that any such photographs or recordings may appear in print or on the ACL website. I agree and grant ACL or its assigns the unlimited and irrevocable right to use such images or recordings in its sole discretion as it deems appropriate.

CONTACT INFORMATION RELEASE: (My submission of this form indicates my agreement with the following): I understand that it is common practice for the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) to provide my contact information (name, address, e-mail address, and institution name) to the participating vendors at the ACL conference.

REFUND POLICY: For information on refunds, please read the ACL Conference In-Person Refund Policy document.